Remote control software for MIG and TRA Generator Series

GENECS (Generator Controlling Software) is an emulation of the MIG and TRA generator front panels. GENECS is a relatively simple remote control software with enhanced features such as test report customization. Tests, setups, protocols and a Log File can additionally be stored and maintained on the remote computer. Connection between generator and computer requires one common serial port. Data is
transmitted with a software error-correcting protocol. The cable-length should not exceed 10m (30ft). For connections over 10m an optical link is recommended (option). The optical link is generally recommended for communication in a harsh EMC environment. A generator’s control and display functions are transmitted over the serial link to the computer and displayed on a virtual front panel. Commands from the computer act directly on the instrument. This way the handling of GENECS is equivalent to a user sitting in front of the real generator.

GENECS includes additional features, not in the generators, for viewing and editing protocols (for example insert comments). During the tests a Log File with all test parameters, date/time and test results is created. The Demo-Mode of GENECS simulates all functions of the selected type of Generator. The use and handling of all menus, dialogs and parameters is the same as on the Generator itself. The benefit is that users can create test routines on the office computer and download them into the generator later. GENECS can be used to control up to 4 separate generators. An activation code is requried for each generator attached to GENECS. To fully install TEMA software, the GENECS package must also be downloaded. 

System Requirements

Operating System:   Windows™ XP up to Windows™ 10
CPU:   Pentium® (or higher) processor, CPU frequency better 166 MHz
System Memory (RAM):   at least 16 MByte memory
Hard Disk:   10 MByte free space on hard-disc, GENECS plus Database 17 MByte
Graphics Card:   at least SVGA (800x600) graphic-card, recommended 1024 x 768
Plugs:   at least one serial port (COM1.8)


choose migs
genecs liveparameters


You can download a DEMO Version of GENECS after validating your Name and Emailadress.



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Legal Disclaimer

All software packages are for the exclusive use with EMC PARTNER instrumentation as detailed in the software specific documentation.  A code is required to activate the communication interface. Contact your local EMC PARTNER representative for more details. EMC PARTNER accepts no liability for loss or damage resulting from the download and installation of any software package from

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