Using TEMA (Test Manager) software, complex test sequences can be programmed and external devices included (such as oscilloscopes). Up to four generators can be included in TEMA. Each generator requires a unique activation code. TEMA software is unique to the ESD3000, TRA2000 and MIG generators.

Download Automation SOFTWARE Brochure

System Requirements

Operating System:   Windows™ XP up to Windows™ 10
CPU:   Pentium® (or higher) processor, CPU frequency better 166 MHz
System Memory (RAM):   at least 16 MByte memory
Hard Disk:   10 MByte free space on hard-disc, GENECS plus Database 17 MByte
Graphics Card:   at least SVGA (800x600) graphic-card, recommended 1024 x 768
Plugs:   at least one serial port (COM1.8)

Features & Benefits

  • Automated test report generator with data export into Microfort WORD© or EXCEL©
  • Clear graphical presentation of sequences - simple drag-and-drop programming
  • Test Process Supervision STOP, CONTINUE or REPEAT
  • Message boxes to control the test sequence and provide operator instructions
  • Pre-loaded test routines for the most popular test.
  • No programing, simply select the file and start testing
  • Connection to EMC PARTNER powerful DATABASE software with instruction from the relevant standards and helpful hints for the setup
  • Loop function to repeat the same test many times
  • integration of oscilloscope for automated waveform verification (TEMA EXT-MEASURE)

Additional Modules

TEMA EXT-Measure

As option to the TEMA software, the TEMA EXT-MEASUREl package is available as an enhancement. Connected to the remote control computer and programmed directly from TEMA, an oscilloscope can be used for the following additional automated functions:

  • EUT failure detection based on parameter windows. 4 measurements avaialble
  • wave shape verification and inclusion in the test report
  • The DSO CONTROL icon is included in a sequence using drag-and-drop then programmed directly from the TEMA window
  • As soon as the DSO has been set into the desired mode, the setting record of the complete DSO can be transferred into a file using the TEMA DSO Upload function in the DSO dialogue.

The TEMA EXT-MEASURE is used as part of special application packages such as the SOFTW IEC60384-14. For further information, please refer to the  CAPACITOR TEST SYSTEM brochure.

TEMA EXT-MEASURE in high voltage systems
In addition to EMC tests, the TEMA EXT-MEASURE can be used as part of a measuring system used in high voltage testing. In such cases, TEMA can be used to control the ICON3000 and TEMA EXT-MEASURE collects the impulse data either from an oscilloscope or a special high voltage measuring system.

DSO models Supported in TEMA EXT-MEASURE
Tektronix TDS Models from series: 200, 500, 600 & 3000, Both 2 and 4 channel oscilloscopes are supported The computer must include a separate remote control interface for the DSO. Usually this is GPIB.


TEMA soft

Download Software

Download TEMA

You can download a DEMO Version of TEMA after validating your name and emailadress. The demo version is limited to single test creation

DSO Gateway

Extend TEMA EXT-MEASURE to include VISA controlled DSO devices. For Windows™ 7 up to Windows™ 10

DSO Check

Check your DSO compatibility with EMC PARTNER software and help us support your DSO

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Legal Disclaimer

All software packages are for the exclusive use with EMC PARTNER instrumentation as detailed in the software specific documentation.  A code is required to activate the communication interface. Contact your local EMC PARTNER representative for more details. EMC PARTNER accepts no liability for loss or damage resulting from the download and installation of any software package from www.emc-partner.com

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