The PS3SOFT-EXT extends PS3 power supply for a.c. and d.c. applications. The four standard voltage / frequency combinations in PS3 power supply can be supplimented by any combination up to 250Vac, 400Hz and 350Vdc. Connection to a computer is by RS232 interface

Sequences of IEC 61000-4-28
In general, electrical and electronic equipment are not susceptible to minor variations of the power frequency. Testing according to this standard should be limited to products which are assessed to be susceptible to power frequency variations by virtue of design, environment or failure consequences. The immunity test levels required for a specific electromagnetic environment together with the performance criteria are indicated in the product, product family or generic standards as applicable. Test values as specified in IEC 61000-4-28.

Test levels Frequency variation (df/f1) Transitional period (tp)
Level 1 No test required No test required
Level 2 ±3% 10 s
Level 3 + 4%, - 6% 10 s
Level 4 ±15% 1 s
Level x open open

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System Requirements

Operating System:   Windows™ XP up to Windows™ 10
CPU:   Pentium® (or higher) processor, CPU frequency better 166 MHz
System Memory (RAM):   at least 16 MByte memory
Hard Disk:   10 MByte free space on hard-disc, GENECS plus Database 17 MByte
Graphics Card:   at least SVGA (800x600) graphic-card, recommended 1024 x 768
Plugs:   at least one serial port (COM1.8)


PS3SOFT-EXT screen -4-28 Level
PS3SOFT-EXT screen AC-DC Programm
PS3SOFT-EXT screen AC-Voltage-Variation

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