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Canton Council visits EMC PARTNER AG 2017

Official visit to EMC PARTNER AG

Local government officials visit EMC PARTNER AG in Laufen

Baselland local government officials visited EMC PARTNER AG in Laufen on 4th April to discuss the international framework and challenges facing a medium size company with production facilities in the region. EMC PARTNER AG specialize in the development and production of test equipment used in the electronics industry to determine compliance with electromagnetic (EMC) regulations. 

EMC PARTNER AG was founded in 1994 by Mr. Martin Lutz together with a small team of engineers. The company is now in the hands of five long term employees. Mr. Lutz is president of the board of directors.

The company specializes in the development and production of high voltage impulse test systems for commercial and industrial applications. EMC PARTNER AG are the number one supplier worldwide of equipment to test indirect lightning effects on aircraft electronics. Impulse generators are also available to test electronic systems as well as components.

EMC PARTNER AG produce test equipment for traditional EMC markets as well as new technology markets such as the Smart Grid. Smart grid components in the power distribution network allow both consumer and supplier to influence power consumption. The newest generation of smart meters must all be tested for immunity to disturbances in the power network.

The company with 30 employees active in the design, production and sales, exports approximately 99% in over 50 countries worldwide.

Local government officials regularly visit companies in the Basel region

To better understand the issues raised by local companies, government officials regularly visit key innovative companies in the Basel region. The officials and the EMC PARTNER AG management discussed challenges affecting internationally active companies ranging from currency exchange rates, the political landscape and free trade. At a more local level, the location Laufen (transport, labour market), the importance of education for the electronics industry and electronic services offered by the Canton Baselland were discussed.

Read the report on the website of the Baselland, Switzerland canton council (German)