Celebrating 30 Years
of EMC test experience

A worldwide journey

Founded 1994 in Laufen, Switzerland, EMC PARTNER AG turned into one of the leading manufacturers of EMC test equipment for commercial and industrial electronics and indirect lightning testing. Our swiss made products are well known for their reliability and high quality all over the world. For our 30th anniversary we want to thank all of our customers and partners for their continuous support.

EMC PARTNER AG, a true partner for EMC test solutions today, tomorrow and in the future.

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A new standard for emc testing

In the early days of EMC testing, impulse test generators could produce only a single interference. To test multiple impulses on EUTs a high amount of investment and space for manufacturers and test labs was required.

1995, EMC PARTNER introduced the worlds first multifunctional impulse test system - the legendary TRA1000. It was capable to produce EFT/Burst, Surge and Dips/Variation impulses and can be expanded for ESD testing with the "ESD-Mouse" option.

With the ability to produce multiple impulses in a single and compact unit and to extend possibilites with external accessories  "TRA1000" was a worldwide success and attracted a lot of attention in the EMC industry.

The first multifunctional impulse tester, released in 1995 by EMC PARTNER offering EFT/Burst, Surge, DIP/Variations and ESD impulses.

Reliable solutions for the industry

During our 30 years of experience and development of EMC test equipment, our main goal has always been to target the demands of the market and to integrate the latest technology to ensure a seamless and smart integration into the customers test setup.

Our brand is known for innovative and high quality products oriented toward the market needs. Test equipment from EMC PARTNER AG enables a faster, more reliable and cost-effective testing, well prepared for the future. 

Our premise is to find a tailored and cost-effective solution according to our customer demands.

We offer EMC test equipment for a wide range of industries and applications. Our products are valued for their high quality and reliability by our customers around the world.

A reliable partner for multiple branches

We are one of the largest suppliers of conducted immunity test equipment for consumer and industrial electronics to ensure correct function and safety. Our reliable and durable systems for the aircraft and defense industries make us one of the world's leading suppliers of test equipment for indirect lightning testing. Ready for the future? We offer high-precision test equipment for power distribution electronics and smart peripherals in renewable energy applications. We also offer systems for testing the insulation on semiconductors and other components. Stay connected - test the correct function of your communication lines with our systems for the telecom industry.

A view in our component stock. 

high quality made in switzerland

All of our products are developed, built and calibrated in-house at our headquarters in Laufen, Switzerland. A large stock of high quality components ensure the quality of our sales and service products. Well trained staff is at your service for calibration, function validation and other services.

The latest generation of impulse test equipment with smart functiosn for reliable testing and touch display

Latest generation product development

Your time is valuable - that's why our latest products feature state-of-the-art technology to make your testing routines as efficient and time-saving as possible.

Convenient operation via an intuitive touchscreen menu and smart functions such as user-defined report creation, remote control via computer and predefined tests and sequences help you to achieve your test objectives quickly and efficiently.

Company Milestones

  1. The Beginning


    EMC PARTNER AG founded in Laufen Switzerland. Member of IEC technical committee for EMC

  2. TRA1000


    TRA1000, the first compact generator for the CE market

  3. HAR1000


    HAR1000, harmonics and flicker system with novel power supply correction.

  4. TRA2000


    TRA2000, second generation compact tester. Same great quality new control interface.

  5. MIG2000-6 for MIL-STD-461


    MIG2000-6, EMC PARTNER enters the MIL-STD-461 market with a compact solution

  6. ESD3000


    ESD3000, worlds first hand-held battery operated ESD geenrator up to 30kV

  7. MIG Series


    Multiple Impulse Generator (MIG) launched using unique semiconductor modules in a Marx generator configuration.

  8. Avionic Test System


    MIG Indirect lightning for avionics, first standard production system for the DO-160 section 22 market

  9. Fast- & Slow DOW test system


    Damped Oscillatory Waves (DOW) fast pulses added to existing MIG system.

  10. Modular Insulation tester


    Modular insulation tester with semiconductor switching up to 144kV

  11. TRA3000


    TRA3000, third generation compact tester

  12. IMU Series


    IMU generators, fourth generation of compact testers. Starting a new dynasty with touch panel operation.

  13. 20 Years Jubilee


    EMC PARTNER is 20 years old and still going strong. Happy birthday!

  14. MIL3000 test system


    Second generation MIL-STD-461 test solution.

  15. Differential Mode Test Solution


    Extension of IMU testers to meet IEC 61000-4-19 smart meter requirements for differential mode testing

  16. AVI3000


    AVI3000, first compact test system up to level 3 for indirect lightning testing to DO-160 and internal tests for MIL-STD-461

  17. DOW3000 - Compact DOW test system


    DOW3000, compact test system for power grid component testing. Damped oscilatory waves together with 0.5J impulse.

  18. New CDN Line


    NEW CDN line aimed at renewable energy electronics and electric vehicle applications

  19. 25 Years Jubilee


    25 years old. A quarter century delivering professional EMC test solutions.

  20. New Product Generation


    Complete new product ranges introduced enhancing test capability and providing the most modern user experience.

  21. INS Series


    Best-in-Class Impulse tester 1.2/50 µs for Semiconductors with reinforced insulation.

  22. CTS Series


    First 1kA impulse current tester 10/1000 µs with selectable clamping voltage up to 4kV.

  23. 30 Years anniversary


    We celebrate 30 years EMC PARTNERRead our full anniversary article here

  24. AVI-LV5


    Latest technology indirect lightning test system.

  25. End of Milestones


Experienced Service

With 30 years of experience in the development and sales of EMC test equipment, we are of course proud of our product catalogue. But we are even more proud of our experienced and specialized employees who have profound and professional knowledge and are happy to assist our worldwide customers with their experience when it comes to finding the best solution for their needs.

raising experts of tomorrow

With active participation in national and international standards committees, our employees have a long-term perspective on standards development and contribute to the safety of electronics and people. Through our experience and feedback from the market, we contribute important suggestions to the relevant committees and develop modern, up-to-date guidelines for the electronics of today and tomorrow.

Well trained experts enhance our service

EMC PARTNER is accredited for calibration according ISO17025 - Our expert ensure reliable and reproducable impulse to verify the safety of our customer electronics.

Accredited safety

Yes, we are accredited for calibrations according ISO17025. We offer to all of our products a additional accredited calibration that meets the international calibration regulations according ILAC/MR.  Stay at the safe side and get your test equipment with maximum safety and impulse reliability to ensure the safety and function of your equipment under test (EUT).

worldwide trained partners

Our worldwide network of sales and service partners is trained to assist youin finding the best solution for your requirements. We provide our partners with training in first-level troubleshooting and service queries to minimize equipment downtime. An annual sales seminar ensures that our partners stay well-informed about the latest product and service topics.

Yearly training of our worldwide partners for sale and service
True Partner

Invest in the Future

The future of electronics has many new challenges to offer. We want to continue to be a partner for efficient and reliable EMC test equipment in the future and always be able to provide you with the best solutions. That is why we will continue to expand our global network of partners and share our expertise in EMC testing.

With a focus on application solutions, we also offer clear solutions for specific tests and help you to find the right solution for you.


Our local partners are available to assist you. You can find the  contacts for your country on our website

EMC PARTNER AG, a true partner for EMC test solutions today, tomorrow and in the future.



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