ATE: Why Our Customers Choose EMC Partner

Advanced Test Equipment Rentals, known as ATEC, is a leader in the test instrument rental industry who has relied on EMC Partner since 2006 as a provider of EMC test equipment. We buy EMC test equipment and rent it out to test labs, Fortune 500 companies, and aerospace/defense contractors, and when our customers are seeking high-quality EMI/EMC test equipment, they choose EMC Partner. For the last 15 years, ATEC has seen again and again that EMC Partner products lead the conducted immunity test industry. Why? Because their test systems are built with innovative technology and designed with the test engineer in mind, from easy-to-use touchscreens to simple test setup and operation. Here’s why ATEC recommends EMC Partner products:

What Our Customers Love About EMC Partner Products

  • The Industry’s Best User Experience
    Our customers notice right away that EMC Partner test equipment is different: the intuitive touch screen allows for easy operation. Users can begin testing to their standard of choice in seconds with automated test routines that run from the front panel. EMC Partner products also feature intuitive setup diagrams that are directly accessible on the user interface.
  • Complete Test Solutions
    EMC Partner offers customers complete test systems, focusing on comprehensive solutions rather than single products. Take MIL-STD testing: EMC Partner offers transient generators, bulk current injection probes, calibration fixtures, and any additional accessories necessary for verification & testing. Many models are also multipurpose, with numerous test standard options, and modular, meaning one can chain them together to broaden the scope of their test. Buying or renting EMC Partner, then, means that you can choose from a suite of synchronized test equipment to complete your setup.
  • Designed for Test Standards
    EMC Partner products fulfill a wide range of test standards. With just the IMU-MGE and CDN test system, users can test to 9 IEC/EN 61000 conducted immunity standards. Other sStandards range from IEC to MIL-STD, ITU, RTCA DO-160, ANSI/IEEE, ISO, SAE, JASO, and beyond.
  • Broad Applications
    Test engineers in industries ranging from indirect lighting simulation to defense equipment manufacturing rely on EMC Partner test systems. The MIL-MG3 military test system, for example, can be used for voltage spike, bulk cable injection, and damped sinusoidal transient immunity testing.

EMC Testing in 2021: A Good Time to proceed

We are entering an era in which conserving capital is essential to every business, with all sectors feeling the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Empowering test engineers to equip themselves with industry leading test systems such as those from EMC PARTNER is the best way to make use of precious resources. For North America, EMC PARTNER test equipment can be purchased at HVT Technologies ATEC is the proud owner of EMC PARTNER test equipment supporting our customers for over 35 years.

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