8kV Option for IMU-MGE

To extend and enhance the operating capabilities of the IMU3000 and IMU-MGE test systems, EMC PARTNER AG introduces 8kV Electric Fast Transient (EFT). The 8 kV EFT is a standard module that fits directly into existing IMU mainframes without having to return hardware and a free of charge software update to complete the installation. To calibrate the EFT impulse output, a high precision verification attenuator has been developed with a bandwidth exceeding 1GHz. Such a high precision component requires the best calibration, so we offer this exclusively, with an accredited calibration according to ISO7IEC 17025.

8kV EFT/Burst Extensionf for IMU-MGE

  • can be added to existing IMU3000 and IMU-MGE generators
  • fully compatible with existing accessories
  • extends application range of IMU generators

Verification Attenuator for 8kV EFT/Burst

  • high precision calibration attenuator
  • accurate impulse measurement also at CDN output
  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited calibration included


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8kV EFT / Burst for IMU generators. Now available!


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