Latest generation conducted immunity test system

Modular test system that brings up to 10 test requirements into one intuitive user interface. Build test sequences fast with drag and drop feature. Highest test levels in a compact immunity system.

IMU-MGS and IMU-MGE are a new generation of EMC test equipment featuring state of the art technology and latest computer graphical interface. Built-in help and on-screen set-up diagrams make operating instructions obsolete and accelerate the learning experience. Fully flexible parameters make IMU ideal for both development and production environments. Internal measurements, can be programmed with pass/fail criteria based on voltage and current impulses. Personnel safety ensured through an emergency stop and warning lamp.


  • Latest generation capacitive touch panel running all new EPOS software  
  • Programmable BNC connectors to control the test process
  • Surge threshold setting to determine pass/fail of EUT
  • All circuits in one compact unit, no external wiring 

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