In June 2020, RTCA (Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics) launched a new set of test requirements for ground-based equipment in the standard DO-380: “Environmental Conditions and Test Procedures for Ground Based Equipment”. This standard does not address airborne equipment, hence it can be considered as complementary to RTCA DO-160.

Brief overview

For the purpose of this standard, ground-based equipment includes sea-based equipment as well, in the sense that ground-based equipment includes basically most of equipment used to communicate with or control aircraft, UAVs, that is not airborne. The applicability of the tests described in this document for a specific product is to be established by those who intend to apply it.

DO-380 encompasses 26 sections that formulate a broad range of requirements. Among these, Section 22 refers to lightning induced transients and Section 25 to electrostatic discharge phenomena. Other sections specify either electric or non-electric tests.

EMC PARTNER test systems and know how in applying tests

EMC PARTNER is a 25+ years old Swiss company specialised in building indirect lightning test systems and has supported aeronautics industry with innovative solutions from the very beginning. EMC PARTNER can provide you with test equipment and the associated knowledge on how to use it when performing indirect lightning tests. Additionally, the ESD test solution from EMC PARTNER can be employed for tests of airborne or ground-based equipment.

For more information, you can visit EMC PARTNER website.

On the North-American continent, your partner for EMC PARTNER equipment is HV Technologies Inc.


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