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Service is more than a buzz word to us. It is a promise of care to our customers. As a manufacturer, we know our products best and with our long experience in the EMC market we understand our customer’s applications and needs. Downtime costs money, so our engineers offer a fast professional service with one objective, to return a high quality product to operation in the shortest possible time.


When we talk about service, we understand the whole process from the first consultation until the after sales support. Our customers do need reliable impulses and safety for their product test procedures. 

All of our products are tested according international standards. Well trained test engineers will take care of your service issues. As members in different national and international standard comitees weare aware that our products fullfills the latest standard requirements.


The needs of our customers are not limited to time zones. EMC PARTNER AG have placed useful information on our website that is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Your local Representative for EMC PARTNER AG test equipment is trained to assist you for basic questions and will assist you in your common language how to proceed.



The high quality products offered by EMC PARTNER AG are all covered by a 2 year international warranty. Wherever the equipment is used in the world, it is still covered by our standard warranty.

In addition to the standard 2 year warranty, we give the option to extend up to maximum 5 years. Extended warranties are available for complete test system including all accessories.

The standard 2 year warranty conditions apply also for an extended warranty. Access to replacement modules for IMU systems continues with an extended warranty.

ISO 17025 accredited calibration is offered at a reduced price during the extended warranty period.

Accredited safety for international markets

To ensure the highest quality for our products, EMC PARTNER AG have invested in acquiring and maintaining an ISO 17025 accredited certification at our production facility in Switzerland. An accredited calibration report from EMC PARTNER AG exceeds the requirements by including not only all measurement results, but also measurement uncertainty and screen shots of every measurement taken. We are proud to display the performance of our instrumentation which is your assurance of quality.

The EMC PARTNER accreditation (SCS 046) covers all our EMC instrumentation and extends to our more exotic impulse generator range.

IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Up to 30kV
IEC 61000-4-4 Voltage Surge Up to 25kV
IEC 61000-4-5 Current Surge Up to 100kA
IEC 61000-4-8 AC MAG Field Up to 1000A / m
IEC 61000-4-9 IMP MAG Field Up to 1600A / m
IEC 61000-4-10 DOW MAG Field Up to 300A / m
IEC 61000-4-11 AC DIPS Up to 75A
IEC 61000-4-12 RINGWAVE Up to 12kV
IEC 61000-4-16 COMMON MODE Up to 300V
IEC 61000-4-18 DOW Up to 5kV
IEC 61000-4-19 DIFFERENTIAL MODE Up to 300V
ITU-T K44 10/700us Up to 12kV




After many years in service, instruments returned to EMC PARTNER AG for repair are treated with the same care as a newly produced item. Our team of experienced engineers carry out an assessment of the required work informing the customer before proceeding with the repair and also making them aware of upgrades that would enhance their instruments performance. Only the original equipment manufacturer can offer such a service.

After repair work is completed, a thorough health check is performed before a factory calibration. The instrument is returned to our customer in a good-as-new condition.

We use only high quality original components in all repairs so are able to provide a guarantee on the work completed at EMC PARTNER AG in Switzerland.


Enhancing an existing instrument is a sure way to protect your investment. At EMC PARTNER AG we offer upgrades that add more capability and extend usefulness beyond the original purpose. Upgrades can be performed at the EMC PARTNER AG facility in Switzerland or in many cases directly at the customer facility under direction of EMC PARTNER AG engineers or locally trained staff.

The extreme reliability of EMC PARTNER AG instruments means they can remain in service over many years. Our instruments are all built to follow international standards and as members of those committees, we have a good insight into future changes that can be included in the standards, our instruments are therefore relatively future proof against changes. Instruments that have been in service for over 10 years may still require updates to meet new standard requirements. We offer upgrade kits for our legacy products so they can continue to offer good and reliable service extending their lifetime beyond original expectation.

On-Site Services

At EMC PARTNER, we believe, the best way to support our customers is through offering the best service at a point of delivery where it is most convenient for the customer. Whether this is at our factory in Switzerland of on site with a customer, we are ready.

  • On Site Calibration
  • Customer Training
  • Installation & Comissioning
  • Remote Servicing
Service Request Form

 We are at your service! For any technical or applications questions please complete a service ticket. One of our customer service engineers will provide a response.


Service Centers

EMC PARTNER products are supported by a worldwide network of representatives. All representatives receive specialist training at EMC PARTNER AG and are able to support customers with initial enquiries. In depth servicing is provided from specialist centres in the USA, Germany, SwitzerlandChina, Taiwan, Singapore, India and Korea.

Video Instructions

Application and service videos are available for EMC PARTNER AG customers. These videos are very helpful when an instrument requires servicing. They can save a lot of time and cost for customers.

Your local Representative for EMC PARTNER AG test equipment is trained to assist you for basic questions and will assist you in your common language how to proceed.

Knowledge Base (coming soon)

Part of the service procedure requires knowledge how to correctly perform a calibration and what additional items are needed. This information is available to all website visitors in the form of calibration setup documentation for ESD, EFT, DOW and SURGE instrumentation.

Additional information that can assist with successful operation or trouble shooting are also included for the benefit of our customers. We recommend using the SERVICE REQUEST FORM for specific issues.


SCS No. 146 is the accreditation number of EMC PARTNER AG. Locally accredited but recognized worldwide through affiliation with the ILAC organisation


To deliver the best quality test equipment backed up by an array of services to provide support through the product lifetime and beyond.


To support our customers 24/7, we offer web based services that know no time zone. Wherever you are in the world, access to information is guaranteed.

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