TEMA3000 Software Test Suite

TEMA3000 (4.2.0)

Software Test Suite - Create and customize tests, sequences & reports

Latest generation software for use with EMC PARTNER Operating System (EPOS). Interfaces to generator through Ethernet port, reducing the need for specialist and expensive hardware interfaces. Forward looking software suite designed to run on operating systems from Windows 7 and upwards. Graphic user interface with icons to simplify operation. Parameter entry through Remote EMC PARTNER Operating System (REPOS) interface reduces learning time for users familiar with the generator hardware. TEMA3000 base version includes generator remote control interface and single test capability, save and recall of files and a comprehensive help file. Test routines can be prepared in TEMA3000 and then uploaded into the generator in the test lab. Programing with the REPOS interface is exactly the same as sitting in front of a generator. Report generation in TEMA3000 base version is through the Web Server in the generator or the generator USB port.

Brochure:  Automation SOFTWARE (PDF)

Features & Benefits

Simple Operation

  • Drag and drop technology
  • Test setup libraries
  • Colour graphic user interface
  • Helps reduce errors during testing

Fully flexible

  • User can select configuration
  • Enhance test capability when needed
  • Independent of system hardware
  • Customize Report Data

Get testing faster

  • Predefined test routines
  • Minimum learning time
  • Easy installation
  • Reduces operator intervention

Extensions for TEMA3000

report intro

TEMA3000 Protocoll - Customize your reports!

This module enables users to fully customize the test report layout and format. Creating individual templates. Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code. Enables data transfer to other programs, report customisation and pdf file generation.

  • Test result can be integrated into existing template
  • Design your own Templates in TEMA3000
  • EUT & Test Operator Information
  • Add Single- or Multiple Test Data into report
  • EUT Measurement Information
  • Indicate Mark & Fail Information

Tema sequence

TEMA3000 Sequence - Create complete test sequences

Extend the single test capability by including multiple tests into a single sequence. Create and modify Sequences, combine single tests to a sequence Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code.
  • Create Test Sequence from existing or new single tests
  • Add Pause, Question or Delay between your tests
  • Switch CDN Paths automatically
  • Load and Save existing Test Sequences

dso intro

TEMA3000 DSO - Integrate DSO Measurements

Integrate DSO measurements into your Protocols and Tests
Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code. Setup and measurement using Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO).

library intro

TEMA3000 Library - Huge library of predefined tests

Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code. Pre-programed test routines according to IEC and EN Basic and Generic standards




Help file
Tema sequence
singletest run

System Requirements

Operating System:   Windows 7 up to 10
CPU:   Pentium 4 2.4GHz+ or AMD 2400xp+
System Memory (RAM):   1GB+
Hard Disk:   1GB+ free space
Graphics Card:   Modern graphics card with at least OpenGL 2.1 support
(At least NVidia Geforce 6, ATI Radeo HD4800, ...
Screen:   minimum 1280x1024, “32-bit True Colour”


Download TEMA3000

You can download a DEMO Version of TEMA3000 after validating your name and emailadress.
The demo version is limited to single test creation.

(88 MB, ZIP File)

Check your DSO

Check your DSO compatibility with EMC PARTNER softwares and help us support your DSO..


Legal Disclaimer

All software packages are for the exclusive use with EMC PARTNER instrumentation as detailed in the software specific documentation.  A code is required to activate the communication interface. Contact your local EMC PARTNER representative for more details. EMC PARTNER accepts no liability for loss or damage resulting from the download and installation of any software package from www.emc-partner.com

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