790602 The INS Series - Impulse insulation tester 1.2/50 µs from 500V to 30kV

The INS Series

Latest generation Insulation test generator up to 30kV

Impulse insulation tester 1.2/50 µs from 500V to 30kV. Breakdown detection at generator or test object. Report generation and control from colour touch panel. Selectable impedance up to 500ohm. Ready for Semiconductor testing / IC testing.

Customer Benefits

Ready for mutiple Applications

  • Semiconductor / IC Testing (Isolation)
  • Material Insulation Testing
  • Electrical safety testing

Programmable breakdown detection

Accurate measurement system presents data on the instrument front panel and on front panel BNCs.. Breakdown assessment calculated from voltage and current impulse integrals.

Long duration production testing

Built with the highest quality components INS series generators ensure long duration and reliable testing in production environments.

Function upgrades protect investment

INS generators can be upgraded with higher impulse voltages up to 30kV and enhanced with internal measurement capability.

Direct interface with DSO

Automatic control of DSO settings and collection of measurement data directly from INS generators. Add DSO measurement data into test reports without an external computer or software.

Stable impulse form at EUT

INS Series generators deliver impulses according to standard requirements with defined loads and with up to 2m cable extension.

Related test standards

  • IEC 60747-17
    Semiconductor insulation

  • IEC 60060-1
    High-voltage test techniques - Part 1: General definitions and test requirements

  • IEC 60664-1
    Insulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems - Part 1: Principles, requirements and tests

  • IEC 61439-1
    Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies - Part 1: General rules

  • IEC 61980-1
    Electric vehicle wireless power transfer (WPT) systems - Part 1: General requirements

  • IEC 60335
    Series for household product safety testing

  • IEC 61180 
    High-voltage test techniques for low-voltage equipment - Definitions, test and procedure requirements, test equipment

  • VDE 0884-11
    Semiconductor insulation

  • UL 1577
    Standard for Optical Isolators

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