10/350us Impulse current generator

The CTS-10350 is an impulse generator with a current wave shape 10/350 μs at the output terminals. Dual outputs enable testing of 2 terminal devices and 3 terminal devices up to class 1. The generator impedance is 1ohm in dual output mode or 0.5ohm when both outputs are connected together. The peak voltage and current of the TEL is indicated on the front display. The BNC monitor output (i) allows monitoring of the current wave shape using an oscilloscope.


Current Pulse 10/350


 Component Testing

 Your Benefits

  • Current range 2 x 0.5kA minus 10% up to 2 x2.5kA+10%
  • Two generators each with 10/350us impulse
  • Combined generator outputs up to 5kA
  • For testing Type 1 SPDs
  • Test level user programmable
  • Current range for testing class 1 and 2 SPDs
  • Dual output for testing 3 terminal telecom SPDs
  • Combined output for testing 2 terminal SPDs
  • Used for testing Gas Discharge Tubes (GDTs)
  • Used for testing telecom and signal lines

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 TC-ST Test Cabinet

High speed communication lines
10/350us Impulse current generator
10/350 impuls, impulse current, impulse current generator, IEC 61009-1, IEC 61643-11, IEC 61643-11, IEC 61643-21, IEC 61643-1
TC-ST Test Cabinet

Current Pulse 10/350

IEC 61009-1
  • IEC 61643-11
  • IEC 61643-11
  • IEC 61643-21
  • IEC 61643-1
  • Telecom
    COMP (GDT),COMP (SPD),TEL (Light.Cur.)

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