DOW Accessories

Extends to symmetrical interconnetion lines up to 100Mbit and 1 Gbit.
Maximum test voltage: 6.6kV
EUT Supply 300V, 1 a.c/d.c
Band response: Ethernet Category 3 minimum
Coupling Mode: commond and differential mode
ADAPTER BOX RJ45 for High Speed data connection with CDN-UTP and CDN-UTP8

Extends the application of the CDN-DOW-DATA-HF to symmetrical interconnetion lines up to 100Mbit and 1 Gbit. 2 ADAPTER BOXES needed, 1 input and 1 output....

Lightning Pulse: 1.2/50
Combination Wave
Telecom 10-700
1 CDN for slow- and fast-wave testing
1-Phase CDN for slow- and fast damped oscillatory wave testing according IEC61000-4-18

Manual single phase CDN with line voltages L to N=280V line current 16A. Coupling path selection, CM, L+N to PE for slow damped oscillatory waves 100kHz and 1MHz, 200 Ohm...

Damped Oscillatory Waves
Damped Oscillatory Waves
Manual three phase CDN for EFT (5kV), DOW (4kV) and SURGE / RINGWAVE up to 6kV / 25A per Phase

Manual three phase CDN with line voltages L to N=280V and L to L=480V, line current 25A per phase. Coupling path selection EFT(5kV), DOW 100kHz and 1MHz (4kV), Surge and Ring up to 6kV....

Damped Oscillatory Waves
Accurate impulse current measurement
High voltage connections
Application up to 4kV impulse
Application up to 30MHz
0.1 ohm current shunt

0.1 Ohm Shunt to measure short circuit current.  ...

Damped Oscillatory Waves
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