Avionic / Airborne Test Generator

Avionics / Airborne Test SystemsAirborne / Avionics Testing System Solutions according RTCA DO-160 Testing, Airbus Standards (ABD) and MIL-STD-461: CS117. Indirect Lightning Test generator for Pin Injection, Multiple Stroke / Burst, Single Stroke and Subsequent Stroke testing according the latest standard requirements of the Avionic test standards. Download our latest brochures Avionic Test System (All Airborne test systems) and AVI3000 (DO-160, Section 22, up to level 3)

Comfortable Touchscreen Menu - Easy Navigation
All 6 waveforms in one unit
Full level 3 threat unter all laod conditions
Phase angle synchronisation to 800Hz
Integrated AC/DC de-couplers for powered PIN testing
DO-160 and MIL-STD-461G level 3 indirect lightning generator. All 6 waveforms for PIN, single/multiple stroke and multiple burst.

DO-160 level 3 and MIL-STD-461 CS117 Internal level test system. Waveforms included: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5A, 6. Applications: PIN Injection, Cable Injection, Ground Injection...

WF1 (6.4/69)
WF2 (0.3/6.4)
WF3 (1MHz/10MHz)
WF4 (6.4/69)
WF5A (40/120)
WF6 (0.25 /4)
User interface on instrument front panel
Automatically switch between waveforms
Predefined SOFTWARE for different test standards
Internal memory to save test files. Software to backup test files on a computer
Generator for DO-160 / ED-14 Section 22 indirect lightning test on aircraft

Generator for indirect lightning test on aircraft: Multiple Stroke (MS). WF1 & WF4 (6.4/70 WF5B (50/500...

WF1 (6.4/69)
WF4 (6.4/69)
WF5A (40/120)
WF5B (50/500)
For PIN Injection and Cable Bundle Tests
Single Stroke, Multiple Stroke and Multiple Burst
Tests up to Level 3
Electronic polarity change
High degree of automation without software
Generator for DO-160 / ED-14 Sectoin 22 indirect lightning tests on aircraft

Generator for DO-160 / ED-14 indirect lightning tests on aircraft with: PIN injection W3, 1MHz, Level 3, cable bundle WF3: 1MHz, 10MHz up to Level3, WF2: 0.1/6.4...

WF2 (0.3/6.4)
WF3 (1MHz/10MHz)
Single stroke waveforms
Waveforms 1, 4, 5A & 5B
PIN injection
Cable Induction
Ground Injection
Single Stroke Generator according to DO-160 section 22

Generator for DO-160 / ED-14 indirect lightning test on aircraft: Single stroke (SS) WF1 & WF4 (6.4/70æs); WF5A (40/120æs); WF 5B (50/500æs) up to 1600V. Upgradable to MIG0600MS at...

WF1 (6.4/69)
WF4 (6.4/69)
WF5A (40/120)
WF5B (50/500)
current amplitude max 5kA
maximum energy 26kJ
Easy movable with large wheels.
Generator for complete aircraft testing with reduced current amplitude max 5kA, maximum energy 26kJ, WF1 6.4/70

Generator for complete aircraft testing with reduced current amplitude max 5kA, maximum energy 26kJ, WF1 6.4/70 Easy movable with large wheels....

WF1 (6.4/69)
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