Current impulse generator 60kA

MIG1260 is a current generator with wave shape 8/20 μs. The exact waveform delivered is a function of the surge generator and the impedance to which the surge is applied. The generator can deliver up to 60kA impulse current supported by 12kV impulse voltage, making it ideal for testing big varistors with high hold-on voltage. Mechanically the MIG1260 consists of one large rack and a separate control console with high voltage output terminals protected by a glass acrylic test cabinet. Peak output voltage and current are indicated on the front panel display. The two BNC monitor outputs (v,i) allow viewing of voltage and current wave shapes using an oscilloscope.


8/20us current impulse


 Component Testing

 Your Benefits

  • 8/20us current impulse
  • Current range 1kA up to 60kA
  • Integrated personnel safety
  • Full solid state technology
  • Wide impulse current range
  • Repeatable impulses
  • High reliability

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Electrostatic discharge testing
Impulse insulation testing
Basic- and Product standard requirements & Solutions
Generator for Slow- and fast damped oscillatory wave testing from 100kHz to 30MHz
MIL-STD-461 conducted susceptibility to impulses and transients
High speed communication lines
The new Generation of Coupling-/ Decoupling Networks
Commercial avionics and military domains
Current impulse generator 60kA
Current impulse, tester, generator, 60kA current generator, IEC 60060-1

8/20us current impulse

IEC 60060-1


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