PS3 - Power Source

PS3 - Power Source

3000W Single phase Power Source with pre-programmed voltage & frequency combinations

PS3 is a power supply specially designed for EMC applications and for use with EMC instrumentation. With fixed outputs 230V/50Hz, 115V/60Hz and 115V/400Hz, PS3 in its basic form meets most 16A single phase laboratory applications. With an additional software, PS3 can be programmed from DC to 400Hz and voltage variations according to IEC 61000-4-28.



 Conducted Immunity

 Your Benefits


  • Pre-programed voltage / frequency combinations
  • 3000W capability / Frequency range DC to 400Hz / DC up to 350V
  • Fast changing between output voltages.
  • Frequency + Voltage variation tests (with PS3-SOFTEXT)
  • Single phase mains input 90V to 264V


 Product Options


High speed communication lines
The new Generation of Coupling-/ Decoupling Networks
Commercial avionics and military domains
Electrostatic discharge testing
Impulse insulation testing
Basic- and Product standard requirements & Solutions
Generator for Slow- and fast damped oscillatory wave testing from 100kHz to 30MHz
MIL-STD-461 conducted susceptibility to impulses and transients
IEC 61000-4-8
IMU (Magnetic Field),TEL (PI)

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