Newsimage_INS2 Latest generation Insulation test generator up to 30kV

Latest generation Insulation test generator up to 30kV

Impulse insulation tester 1.2/50 µs from 500V to 30kV. Breakdown detection at generator or test object. Report generation and control from colour touch panel. Selectable impedance up to 500ohm. INS-1250 family of impulse insulation testers for material insulation, components and electrical equipment safety for applications in both development and production environments. High accuracy internal or external measurement systems, can be programmed to detect breakdown with pass/fail criteria based on voltage and current impulse integral. Personnel safety ensured through an emergency stop, warning lamp and test cabinet, disabling high voltage circuits when activated.


Our features - your benefit

A flexible offer

Optimal models corresponding to normative test levels up to 7.5 kV, 15 kV, 22.5 kV or 30 kV. The 7.5 kV model can be subsequently upgraded to 15 kV and the 22.5 kV model can be upgraded to 30 kV. Output impedance can be selected in the range 40 Ω - 4 kΩ (default 40 Ω).

Unbeatable compactness

15 kV solution in standard 19” unit, 4 UH and 30 kV in 19” unit, 8 UH.

Superior component technology

Impulse capacitors have an expected lifetime of 6 million cycles declared by manufacturer. INS test system hence becomes an optimal solution for long duration production testing.

Outstanding precision

The tolerance of impulse voltage is just ± 3 % while measurement circuits offer a ± 2 % tolerance. This level of performance allows the implementation of voltage and current integrals (available with OPT-INS-MEAS).

Optimal personnel safety

Outputs of the generator are on top of the generator, allowing a safe manual control. Furthermore, a safety switch is always available on the front panel, while an additional remote (5 m cable included) safety switch can be optionally connected.

Latest generation of accessories

The 30 kV-proof test cabinet can be (optionally) placed up to 2 m away from the main generator and includes a reliable safety interlock circuit. The optional LED warning lamp complies to IEC 61140, VDE 0140-1. The 1 Gbps Ethernet port of the INS generator can be connected to a computer via an optional 10 m optical fibre.

Seamless test bench integrations

With its programmable bi-directional connectors, INS is ready for an optimal PLC integration.

More functions with remote control

TEMA3000 software allows, among others, automatic DSO screenshots, automatic surveillance of waveform parameters, etc.

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