MIL3000 - New MIL-STD-461 Generator

MIL3000 - The New Generation of MIL-STD-461 Tester

MIL3000 is a new generation of test equipment with colour touch panel user interface specifically designed for MIL-STD-461 CS106, CS115 and CS116 test requirements. Plug-in modules allow users the flexibility of performing CS115 and CS116 tests separately or simultaneously without disturbing the test setup using a single universal coupler the CN-BT6. Additionally, impulse tests from DO-160 section 17 and 19 are available as plug-ins to this system, extending the application range.

Ease of use, predefined test routines and the single universal coupler make MIL3000 the most efficient and technically advanced instrument available. Complimented by the TEMA3000 software, MIL3000 is simply the best all round test system for engineers in a hurry.


Single Port for CS115 & CS116 Tests

MIL-STD-461 CS115 and CS116 tests are both performed on cable bundles. This means the test cable must be fed through a coupler which is driven by the MIL3000 test generator. One coupler that can be calibrated for all waveforms and then left in place on the EUT test cable, reduces test time and the possibility for operator error considerably. CN-BT6 gives users this increased security together with a larger cable aperture of 6cm diameter. The system can be calibrated for all waveforms, setup data is stored in MIL3000 memory for easy recall. Once the system is calibrated, the coupler CN-BT6 can be left in place on the test bench and tests performed without having to breakdown and reset the equipment under test. This represents a great saving in time and reduces the possibility of an operator error.

MIL-STD-461 and DO-160

The flexibility of a modular system enables the basic MIL-STD-461 system to be extended to include also voltage spike test CS106 and tests from DO-160 sections 17 and 19. A separate coupler with 6cm x 6cm aperture enables voltage spike testing of large diameter cables. Simply insert a new application module and it is automatically recognised by the MIL3000 mainframe. All user programmable parametes are made available through the colour touch panel. The system flexibility protects your investment, providing test capability for an ever increasing range of applications.

Automated Testing

Complete test routines including CS115 and all CS116 frequencies can be programmed in the MIL3000 generator, then linked together to form a continuous test process. MIL3000 includes a „Linker“ function to enable multiple tests to be linked together and run sequentially. A basic test report is saved in the MIL3000 and can be extracted either using the web server (connect to a PC through the Ethernet port) or from the USB port on the front panel. TEMA3000 is a powerful software suite to control MIL3000 generator. The software can also control an oscilloscope to capture waveforms during the calibration or test process. This information can be included automatically into the test report. Operator instructions and test setup pictures can be included in the TEMA3000 routines. This eliminates the need for separate written procedures and reduces the possibility of operator error.

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