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TEMA3000 V.4.0 - Brandnew Features

A new edition of the popular TEMA3000 software suite has been released.

V4.0 includes a new user interface with many new and enhanced features. Save time when the test is completed. QUICK Test report generation enables report files to be compiled and saved in any format with only one touch. Need a break? Interrupt then resume the testing process seamlessly using the PAUSE function.

More control over planning in the test laboratory. TEMA3000 calculates the duration of a programed event before starting.

Communication between TEMA3000 and a DSO can be synchronized, allowing data collection even from slower measuring devices.

Define the interval for data collection from a measuring device. Use this feature to collect screen dumps or measurement data for repetitive and continuous test types.

All these enhancements are available to new and existing customers.

For a preview of what TEMA3000 V4.0 can do for your business, visit

Issued by EMC PARTNER AG, Switzerland