Asymmetrical data lines

Industrial process equipment has often been connected to controllers using RS232, RS423 or similar communication interfaces.  These are unbalanced communication lines with low communication speeds up to 1 Mb/s that can only be used for relatively short distance communication due to their susceptibility to disturbance signals. CE testing using the combination wave/surge and ringwave impulses is required for products having this interface type. In special applications the damped oscillatory wave (DOW) will also be used.

Application Standards

  • IEC 61000-4-5
  • IEC 61000-4-12
  • IEC 61000-4-18

Test Types

  • Combination Wave
  • 100 kHz Ringwave
  • 100kHz and 1MHz Damped Oscillatory Waves

Product Page

Surge & Ringwave testing on up to 8 asymmetrical data lines
Manual CDN for surge (CWG) and 100 kHz ringwave testing on 4 asymmetrical data lines. Differential and common mode coupling.
8KV EFT/Burst, SURGE, Ringwave and 10/700us impulse generator
Compact generator for EFT/Burst, SURGE, 100 kHz Ringwave and 10/700 impulses up to 8KV. Integrated 16 A CDN. Extend with ESD, Dips/Interrupts and Common Mode.
5KV EFT/Burst and SURGE compact generator
Compact generator for EFT/Burst and SURGE up to 5KV. Integrated 16 A CDN. Extend with ESD, Dips/Interrupts and Common Mode.

More Options & Comfort
Specially for use with the Damped Oscillatory Wave (DOW), up to 8 asymmetrical lines can be tested with CDN-DOW-DATA-LF. This meets the test requirements for protection relays mounted in electricity sub stations.

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