Electricity Meters

Energy costs are increasing worldwide providing an impetus to greater energy efficiency. For users to benefit from this increased efficiency, an accurate and reliable measurement of consumed energy is necessary. The mechanical electricity meter is being replaced by electronic smart electricity meters with remote load monitoring. Because energy meters are installed in the power distribution network, they are subjected to high voltage insulation and damped oscillatory wave (DOW) testing.

Application Standards

  • IEC 62055-31
  • IEC 62053-11
  • IEC 62053-21
  • IEC 62053-41
  • IEC 62052-11
  • IEC 62052-31
  • ANSI C12.1
  • ANSI C12.20
  • EN 50470-3
  • EN 50470-1
  • VDE 0418-0-1

Test Types

  • 1.2/50µs Voltage Insulation
  • EFT/Burst Impulse
  • 1 MHz Damped Oscillatory Wave
  • Combination Wave Impulses

Product Page

Multi function Damped Oscillatory Wave (DOW) generator
Compact generator for Damped Oscillatory Wave testing. Integrated three phase CDN for Slow and Fast waves. Magnetic Field output for 1m or 2m coil. Can be extended with insulation test impulses up to 8 kV.
Handheld ESD Simulator with modular discharge networks
AA Battery operated handheld ESD Simulator up to 30kV. Modular design with networks for a broad range of standards and applications.
8 kV impulse voltage tester with fixed energy and impedance.
1.2 / 50 µs impulse generator with impedance 500 Ohm and fixed impulse energy 0.5 Joules in 10 ranges from 500 V to 8 kV. Colour touch panel control with graphic help. Personnel protection with test cabinet TC-ST.

Options & Comfort
Impulse energy requirements and test levels are tailored to meet local conditions. In regions with intensive lightning activity test. EMC PARTNER impulse generators can be adapted to meet local requirements.

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