790602 Telecom & Dataline Testing - Exchange equipment

Exchange equipment

Equipment mounted in the telephone exchange building can be subject to both external and internal EMC events. The test levels are necessarily high to ensure protection of the network. Many test requirements are embodied in the Network Equipment Building System (NEBS) specifications. EMC PARTNER provide telecom test equipment to meet the lightning voltage, lightning current, power contact and power induction requirements.


Application Standards

  • ITU-T K44
  • ITU-T K20
  • ETSI/EN 300132-3-1
  • ETSI/EN 300-132-2
  • ETSI/EN 300386-1

Test Types

  • 10/700µs Voltage Impulses
  • 8/20µs Current Impulses
  • AC Power Contact
  • AC Power Induction
  • Symmetrical Data Lines 

Product Page

109900%20IMU-MGE Telecom & Dataline Testing - Exchange equipment
8KV EFT/Burst, SURGE, Ringwave and 10/700us impulse generator
Compact generator for EFT/Burst, SURGE, 100 kHz Ringwave and 10/700 impulses up to 8KV. Integrated 16 A CDN. Extend with ESD, Dips/Interrupts and Common Mode.
103511%20MIG-ITU-K44 Telecom & Dataline Testing - Exchange equipment
Power induction tester
The 1,500 V output meets all basic and enhanced test levels required by ITU- T K.20 and ITU-T K.21. Test duration is set manually on the generator front panel.
103664%20MIG0624TEL Telecom & Dataline Testing - Exchange equipment
24 kA impulse current generator with 4 outputs
Single and multiple pair lightning current test generator delivery an 8 / 20 us impulse from four independent outputs. 6 kA impulse current from each output or connected together 24 kA.

More Options & Comfort
Test levels at the exchange or in repeater installations are higher than protected environments.
EMC PARTNER equipment is available to cover both the basic and enhanced test requirements.

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