790602 Gas discharge tubes (GDT) testing

Gas discharge tubes

Gas discharge tubes (GDT) are crowbar devices that present a short circuit when activated. Typically two and three terminal gas discharge tubes (GDT) are used in telecommunication lines to protect twisted pair cables against lightning discharge currents. Activated by relatively low voltage levels, GDTs can conduct high impulse and power currents without suffering damage. Impulse life and discharge current tests are used to characterise GDTs. Typical GDT test are made using impulse currents of various waveshapes up to 10kA.

Application Standards

  • ITU-T K12
  • ITU-T K99
  • IEC 61643-311
  • IEEE/ANSI C62.31

Test Types

  • 8/20µs, 10/350µs, 10/1000µs Impulses for life tests and maximum Discharge Current
  • 8/20µs Nominal Impulse Discharge Current


selected products

107658%20TEL0305LP3 Gas discharge tubes (GDT) testing
Impulse current generator 10/350
10 / 350 us current impulse generator specially designed for testing Surge Protection Devices (SPD) with 2 or 3 terminals. Personnel safety is maintained through high voltage outputs separated from the control elements.
103665%20MIG0624LP1 Gas discharge tubes (GDT) testing
24 kA impulse current generator for GDTs
GDTs are crowbar devices presenting a near short circuit in conduction.Testing 2 terminal Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) components with high energy impulses is used to check the impulse current handling

More Options & Comfort
Compact impulse generators for specific test requirements. High voltage outputs on top plate enable use with a test cabinet for greater operator safety. EMC PARTNER test cabinets are all linked to the generator safety circuit, disabling high voltage circuits when open.


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