High voltage opto isolators provide high voltage isolation between circuit elements, allowing control signals to be transferred but blocking AC or DC power. Semiconductor test systems from EMC PARTNER use the standard lightning impulse to perform isolation tests that improve semiconductor reliability. The most widely used test standard VDE 0884-11 requires an impulse up to 8 kV for production testing and up to 10 kV for quality assessment.

Application Standards

  • IEC 60747-17
  • IEC 60747-5-5
  • VDE 0884-11
  • UL 1577

Test Types

  • 1.2/50┬Ás Voltage Impulse for Isolation (VIOTM, VIOSM, VISO)

selected products

500V - 30 kV impulse voltage generator
INS-1250 series generate a voltage impulse for insulation testing. The low energy impulses are ideal for testing without damage or destruction of the test object. This generator is ideal for isolation testing of semiconductor devices.

More Options & Comfort

We offer complete test solution for Semiconductor Testing including all required accessories to start testing. SOP socket adapters from 8-44 PINS / 150-300mil can be mounted directly on top of the generator inside the test cabinet or with oil bath for VIOSM testing . Emergency stop switches and test lamps ensure personnel safety. 

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