790602 Full Aircraft Vehicle test equipment   - 4/69µs Current Impulse

Full Aircraft Vehicles

The testing of complete aircraft using full threat lightning is both costly and time consuming. Aircraft lightning test methods using reduced impulse current amplitude allow full aircraft vehicle testing without the attendant risk of damage to the avionic systems. This reduced amplitude test employs a 6.4/69 µs current impulse as a single stroke event. EMC PARTNER have a test system capable of tests on aluminium and composite aircraft structures according to SAE ARP 5416.

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103681%20MIG3618SS Full Aircraft Vehicle test equipment   - 4/69µs Current Impulse
Full vehicle impulse current generator
Unique test system for full vehicle reduced level testing. The waveform 1 current impulse injected directly to the aircraft structure enables measurement of disturbance at interfaces without causing damage.

More Options & Comfort
Fully integrated test system for DO-160 section 22 up to level 3. PIN Injection, Cable Bundle. Single Stroke, Multiple Stroke and Multiple Burst. One coupler for WF1, WF2, WF3 and WF5A simplifies the test procedure while reducing setup errors.


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