790602 Maritime system test equipment - MIL-STD-461

Maritime systems

Ships and submarines are subject to specific test requirements. Because of their exposed nature, surface ships are particularly prone to direct lightning strikes. As a consequence, on-board electronic systems are subject to the test requirements for indirect lightning impulses. Submarine power systems are subject to voltage spike testing using the MIL-STD-461 CS106 specification. As for all electronic equipment, ESD is also required along with oscillatory wave and bulk current impulses.

Application Standards

  • MIL-STD-461

test types

  • CS106, CS06 Voltage Spike
  • CS117 Indirect Lightning
  • CS116 Oscillatory waves
  • CS115 Bulk Current Injection
  • CS118 ESD

Product Page

109924%20MIL-MG3 Maritime system test equipment - MIL-STD-461
Modular impulse test system
Portable multifunction impulse test generator with plug-ins for MIL-STD and DO-160 applications. Test capability is easily extended with the seven plug-in modules. Couplers and calibration accessories complete the solution.

Options & Comfort
MIL-MG3 modular technology brings a flexible approach to MIL-STD test equipment. Apart from meeting the current MIL-STD-461 G version, modules are also available for the previous versions such as CS106 voltage spike requirements from MIL-STD-461 F.

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