790602 Aircraft pipework & mechanical joints - Test equipment

Aircraft Pipework and Mechanical Joints

Lightning currents flow not only in aircraft structures, they can also be conducted through metallic pipework. In particular hydraulic pipes pass through parts of the aircraft that can potentially be exposed to severe lightning events. As with all pipework, there are many joints in aircraft hydraulic systems. All these mechanical joints have to be tested to ensure continued hydraulic pressure integrity after a lightning strike with the objective of improving flight safety. Lightning impulses are applied up to 7.5 kA.

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109725%20AVI08012 Aircraft pipework & mechanical joints - Test equipment
12 kA impulse current generator
Compact test solution for testing with waveform 1 current impulses up to 12 kA. Suitable for indirect lightning tests on material joints and pipework. AVI-0812 includes a dark mode, switching off all light sources for the eaier detection of sparks.
103566%20MIG0618SS Aircraft pipework & mechanical joints - Test equipment
Single stroke indirect lightning generator
Combined solution for PIN injection, cable induction and ground injection tests. Single stroke events according to standard or special applications

More Options & Comfort
Fully integrated test system for DO-160 section 22 up to level 3. PIN Injection, Cable Bundle. Single Stroke, Multiple Stroke and Multiple Burst. One coupler for WF1, WF2, WF3 and WF5A simplifies the test procedure while reducing setup errors.



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